Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Stroopwafels.......

What is a Stroopwafel?

Dutch Stroopwafels are a delicate cinnamon flavoured waffle biscuit, sliced in half while hot, then smothered with caramel syrup and sandwiched back together. 

What does it translate to?

Stroopwafel translates to Syrup Waffles.

Why don’t I see more of them in Australia?

Australia does not have the specialised equipment needed to make Stroopwafels, so we had to import it direct from the Netherlands.

How do you pronounce Stroopwafel?

Stroap (like soap) wafels (like vafels).
Many people pronounce the ‘oo’ in stroopwafel as they would in words like stoop or soup. However, in Dutch the ‘oo’ is like a long ‘o’ like in English words nope or rope.

Where does the Stroopwafel originate from?

Stroopwafels are believed to have originated in the Dutch town of Gouda, (also famous for its cheese), way back in 1784. Legend has it that a clever local baker created the first Stroopwafel from leftover breadcrumbs that he mixed with syrup.

Do you have a Dutch background?

Yes my parents are Dutch and as a child I was lucky enough to be introduced to them by my Mum.

 Do you bake them with “real” ingredients or do you use a pre mix?

We firmly believe in “Real” ingredients and absolutely NO premix!

Do you bake fresh?

Yes absolutely! Nearly every day is a baking day!

How long is the use by date?

4-6 months if you can let them stay unopened for that long!!

Are Stroopwafels Nut Free?

Yes, however they do contain some Nutmeg. 
Nutmeg is actually a seed and NOT a nut and is generally safe for an individual with a tree nut allergy.

After I place an order, how long does it take for delivery?

I will send your Stroopwafels in an Express paid Satchel so you should receive them the next day if you live in a capital city. It could take a second day if you live in other regions.

What is the preferred payment method?

Bank Transfer, PayPal or Credit Card

Why do you use Express Post not regular post?

We use Express Post so that your Stroopwafels are not sitting around in the back of a postal truck for hours, (or days) especially in summer. Due to the nature of the product we like it to arrive in its best condition.
Express Post also has a tracking number for your convenience.

Will you deliver to my house or office?

Delivery can be either house or office. 

Do you have a shop?

No, at the moment our Stroopwafels are available at different retail outlets, and at Festivals.