Stroopwafel Quick Recipes

Creative ways to prepare your Stroopwafels.
Mini Bite size Stroopwafel Cheesecakes (Pictured above)
Using a pack of Mini Round Stroopwafels, place a heaped tablespoon of cream cheese mixture from the (Individual Stroopwafel Cheesecake Recipe) whether it be left over or a fresh batch on top of a Mini Round Stroopwafel. Drizzle some "Really Easy Caramel Sauce" (from the same recipe) on top of the cream cheese mix and finish off with another Mini Round Stroopwafel. Now thats a bite of deliciousness....or maybe 2 bites!!

Stroopwafel + Apple Pie
If you love making Apple Pie and you love Stroopwafels, try combining the 2.
Cut up some Stroopwafels, as many as you like according to your taste, and add them to the apple mixture before you bake it. The waffle will give it extra depth and the caramel will melt into your apples, and of course we all know that Cinnamon and Apples are made to be together. Try it and ENJOY!

Stroopwafel Ice cream
Next time you have a bowl of Vanilla Ice cream, be sure to add some Stroopwafel Crumbs with Syrup and stir them through your Ice cream. So unbelievably delicious! You will LOVE it!!

Stroopwafel Ice cream Sandwich
Scoop vanilla ice cream onto a Stroopwafel and if your going to be really bad, spoon some caramel or chocolate sauce on top of that, and top with another Stroopwafel. Wow!

Enjoy! OR as the Dutch say Eet Smakelijk!!