I suppose this story story starts with my heritage.
 My parents are Dutch and migrated to Australia as a couple engaged to be married back in 1955.

I am the youngest of 3 children and luckily by the time I was born, more imported dutch food was becoming available.

My mother introduced us to everything that she could get her hands on.

We made Croquettes and ate Hachee met Rode Kool, Erwetensoep , Appelmoes, Oliebollen, Poffertjes, Appeltaart and the list goes on!
 Mum bought Rollmops, Speculaas, Dutch Licorice, Hagelslaag and Bescuitjes just to name a few and of course, my all time favourite, Stroopwafels.
 I loved them and she would often buy them at selected deli’s and supermarkets when she could. As a kid, this is the food I grew up on.

It was a little different to other Aussie kids and I made sure I introduced my friends to all my favourites.

Then later in life something magical happened. My whole family, including my husband and 6 week old daughter took a trip to Holland. 
This trip was a turning point for me, as one weekend we visited the local market in Groningen and when there, we came across a man selling freshly baked Stroopwafels hot off the waffle iron. Who knew this was possible? After one bite I couldn’t believe the difference between a freshly baked Stroopwafel and the old and stale ones we were eating back home. I knew one day when the time was right, I had to introduce Australians to such an incredible delight.

Then years went by and my family grew and life got more and more crazy, but my love for Stroopwafels was always there.
So now the time is right. I began by importing the waffle machine from Holland, as they weren’t available in Australia.

I opted out of using the packet mix from Holland, as I wanted to create something from scratch, which means I needed a recipe. I have always loved to bake, and starting with an original recipe from Holland that I had from my Mum and some off the internet I began to bake. What a disaster I had. Many many hours were spent in the kitchen failure after failure, even our chickens were sick of eating them and so I began creating my own recipe.

Getting the right balance of texture, spices and of course taste in the dough and the caramel syrup was my top priority and this was finally achieved by using only top quality, real ingredients. We have also worked on our recipe to offer a Gluten Free Stroopwafel and as far as we know, no one else in Australia does that!

Finally I was happy and everyone that came to visit was invited to taste and from all the positive feedback, I found that Yes! I had a winner!!

Screaming Waffles was born shortly after and off to the markets I went. Many Australians are still discovering the delights of the Dutch Stroopwafel, but for those that know what they are, they are overjoyed to see them freshly baked in Melbourne.

My greatest joy is to watch someone have a taste of their first Stroopwafel and then see a big smile on their face, and hear the words ‘Mmmmmm that’s delicious’,
And to that I reply ‘Try stopping at one!’