So………What are Stroopwafels?

Stroopwafels translates to Syrup Waffles and are a delicate cinnamon flavoured thin waffle cookie, that just after baking is sliced in half and smothered with caramel syrup and then sandwiched back together again.
 They really are quite unique!
What you should know…..

Screaming Waffles specialises in baking fresh Dutch Stroopwafels.

I should first let you know that we have worked extremely hard at testing and creating recipes until we found the best result in a scrumptiously delicious Stroopwafel.

The dough for the cookie had to have just the right amount of spice and the Caramel Syrup had to be golden and sweet and just the right consistency.

We made sure to use the freshest local ingredients we can, right down to the Unsalted Butter and Eggs. Everything except our spices is produced locally. Unfortunetly, Cinnamon and Nutmeg are not produced in Australia.

We don't believe in premixes and it has always been our intention to produce the best quality we can for our customers.

We are now working at expanding our Range and to let you in on a little secret we might have a Chocolate Stroopwafel very soon. Shhhhhh